BioCurate was created as a purpose-built, not-for-profit and independent organisation, designed to help researchers to achieve impact with their research. By providing a local gateway to extensive international networks, through funding assistance, expert advice and ‘on the ground’ project management, the experienced BioCurate team is committed to translating research projects.


BioCurate has established a formal, rigorous process for project review and investment decision-making that takes advantage of international industry contacts, ‘in-house’ expertise, and specialist consultants whilst ensuring ongoing and effective two-way communication with researchers and University Innovation teams.

The focus at each stage of review is summarised as follows:

  • Initial screening – Review of a large number of potential projects including detailed discussions with researchers to assist them with project planning and building their understanding
  • Tier 1 Review – Unmet need, potential regulatory and clinical development path
  • Tier 2 Review – New therapeutic development
  • Tier 3 Review(s) Plan for IND, evaluate data with select appropriate international industry experts


BioCurate has developed a number of linkages with key global biopharmaceutical companies. These partnerships provide valuable advice and insight which can help guide research, giving projects the best opportunity to progress in the translation process. Having access to such a breadth and depth of international talent is unique and unprecedented in Australia and is a resource that researchers are able to tap into with BioCurate.

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Specialist Skills

BioCurate’s growing expertise can now be considered best in the country, with more than 150 years combined industry experience in best-practice drug development and translation, across multiple geographies and therapeutic areas, whether it be in smaller start-ups or in global biopharmaceutical companies.

Our team has worked in the fields of immunology, oncology, neurobiology, virology, and cardiology in Australia, Asia, Europe and North America, and has first-hand experience of the translation journey from discovery to approval. These skills go beyond the scientific, with members of the BioCurate team possessing expertise in clinical development, medical affairs, marketing authorisation, and intellectual property (IP) and lifecycle management.

We are here to help, provide advice and insight, and foster collaborations between you and potential industry partners.

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